About Janna

Janna Mai

Born in a small city in Arkansas, Janna grew up in a country lifestyle. As a child, she longed to discover the world around her. For consecutive years, she would spend several months traveling overseas. Finally, she decided to leave Arkansas, and she ventured out to "The Big Apple."

In New York City, she worked as a consultant for major brands serving diverse groups of clientele including politicians, celebrities, and national news stations.

After working at several Fortune 500 companies, she decided to expand her career. Inspired by how technology was advancing every industry, she decided to study computer science and mathematics with a minor in physics.

She is an active member of IEEE (Institute of Electrical and Electronic Engineers), IEEE Aerospace and Electronic Systems Society, IEEE Computer Society, IEEE Women in Engineering, and ACM (Association for Computing Machinery), and SWE (Society of Women Engineers).

From traveling to countless destinations, she discovered that every unique place has a vibrant history and culture. She spends her spare time writing and sharing her experiences with others.